Lay-Up Services

We offer suitable location at Kuala Sungai Johor for un-operating vessels and oil rigs for them to keep their fleets safely while waiting for new charter or operation. This location is secured and sheltered area which is approved by Marine Department of Malaysia for the lay-up of ships and rigs. Vessels will be safely anchored there with the minimum distance of less than one hour boat ride from the shore.


Our Job scope during the Lay-up Process :

  • Marine inward & outward movement
  • Anchor securing forward & stern by means AHT (Anchor Handling Tug).
  • Buoy marking for anchor chain
  • Sea chest blanking and deblanking

We carry out application with authorities for lay-up permit and safe manning in lieu of ship crew. Continuously maintain contact with authorities with regard to status of vessel.


We also provide alternative power pack with fuel to vessels. The alternative power pack would be sufficient to provide sufficient illumination during dusk to dawn. The power provided also is for communication between shore base and vessel.

We provide emergency response services in any emergency event. We maintain 24/7 standby boat at base. We also can offer other equipment such as support vessel like barges , crane barge, boats and tugs.